About us

We are family company with long traditions. Jubo is present since 1990 on carpenters market, mainly producing stair and doors. Products are always made with high precision and attention to details. Every single project is being consulted with the customer – to meet his requirements as well as construction standards.

Our company provides proffesional consultations regarding our products. We are open-minded even for the most non-standard solutions for wooden things. In our company we join wood with other construction materials, which always creates unique solutions . Our headquarter is placed in village Rokitnica close to Zlotoryja. Because of the localization our projects are usually from lower silesian voivodeship, but we are also interested for orders from other regions and abroad.

The project includes:

■     consultations with customer – better understanding of customer needs and expectations,
■     measurements,
■     production,
■     assembly of the finished product.

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