At the beginning of each new stairs project is being analysed with proffesional CAD software. Before starting order realization we are always trying to show to the customer a 3D visualization of ready product. Concerned about the durability of our products we always secure stairs with very resistant to damage paint finish.

We produce straight stairs as well as bended, using for our products oak, beech, ash and other wood types according to customer’s needs.



You can order in our companysingle and double-leaf doors – glazed and full. As a construction material we use mainly oak, ash, beech, pine and other according to customer needs. For the exterior doors we use certified locks KFV – renowned German company, as well as certified windows with safety glass.

In addition, we also renovating the old stylized door. In our products we use cast and hand-forged parts, such as hinges, grilles, latches, handles.


Our activity is not limited only to the production of stairs and doors. We also make other such as tables, kitchen furniture, beds, patio railings.


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